May 2017 be a year that brings you JOY!


For most people the winter-break is over. Back to work. I want to challenge you to look at the concept of ‘working’ a little differently. At the moment I am in San Diego, California on a ‘workvacation’ writing my first book. I love to read, so being able to write my own book (and getting it published the old fashioned way) is exhilarating!


A couple years ago I read a book called the 4-hour workweek. This is where I first came into contact with the concept of mini-retirements and working while on vacation. It was totally new to me. At first I thought, you work hard and when you retire than you will finally have the time to travel. I didn’t like this idea at all though, as I love to travel and am convinced it is something I want to do throughout my whole life. Maybe you can relate to this as well?


From the moment I read this book, I decided to arrange my work in such a way that I could spend time traveling, and also work at the same time. You may think: ‘oh as an entrepreneur this easy.’ Well, it took some creativity! But if you read the 4-hour workweek, Tim gives a lot of tips on how to do this, whether you are an employee or entrepreneur.


It took a couple years to structure my activities in such a way that I could go on a work vacation. Some people even take it a little further, and really live the ‘Laptop Lifestyle’. They chose to travel the world, have a nomadic lifestyle and have minimum amount of possessions.


In this digital age, there are a lot of possibilities. I just want to challenge you to think outside of the ‘bowl’ 😉
I wish you a Joyful new year!
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