3 principles I use to reach my goals. Watch the 2-minute video below:

1. Focus

Bringing focus in your life is important to hit the target you set for yourself. Being a skilled professional in what you do, you easily can put on different hats. However, therein lies also the pitfall. Bringing focus in not only important for your long term goals but can also make a difference to reach our daily targets your daily targets. I always use the metaphor of a golfer. When you play golf. It makes a difference how you hit the ball and the difference can only be millimeters. But that small difference in how you hit the ball really determines if your ball hits the put or lands on the green.

2. Faith

When you have focus and you know exactly where you are going then it is important to exercise faith. I say exercise. Yes, faith isn’t something you just get. You have to deliberately DO it. Faith is an action. It is a decision you make to keep at it until you reach your goals. Important is that you do this in a positive manner with an attitude of gratitude. Being grateful for where you are now inspires to do your daily tasks in a positive manner. Believing that the endgoal will be reached makes the road enjoyable and in turn becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Could you wish for anymore?

3. Freedom

When you have focus and faith, freedom is around the corner. Freedom to live the lifestyle you want. Freedom to choose to invest in a new venture. Freedom to spend time with your family. Well just fill in the blanks. Whatever it means to you!

4. Fulfilment

I recently declared that I want to live my life from a state of fulfilment. Being a ‘high achiever’ (this condition is both a blessing and a curse) meant often that I was in a state of non-gratitude to frame it lightly. It is not enough yet, or I should already have achieved this in my company, or this should have worked out, etc. Choosing to live from a state of fulfilment as Tony Robbins also often states is literally a choice. I looked it up in the dictionary and fulfilment means this:


Living a fulfilled life is a choice you can make even before you reach that high endgoal on which you are focussing. I try it everyday. Good luck!