As an entrepreneur it is important to take time for reflection and to engage in activities that nourish your spirit. Activities that give you inspiration for your daily business. I always say it is my mission to inspire people to live their fullest potential. But of course I have to live that mission myself as well.

1. Invest time in yourself

Living my fullest potential means that next to my business I take time to follow my other dreams. One of those was that I always wanted to dance at Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles, the place where top dancers in the world come together to get classes from choreographers of the likes of Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. A great place to get inspiration and to experience the pure love for the art of dance.

2. What gives you energy?

As you may have read in my Bio I always had dancing as a way to express myself next to my studies. And it is something that will nurture me forever. At one time, dancing was part of my core business. But as overtime my core business changed from dancing, to corporate wellness programs to now trainings for entrepreneurs in speaking, networking and sales, I was so busy with the daily business that I had big periods where I neglected it. This really affected my mood, I was down my energy was low and I started to ask myself where does this come from? What is missing? And well you can guess what was missing :).

3. Take action

Do you recognise it in yourself that there may be certain activities that give you energy? But you just keep putting them aside? Well now you know what to do. Take action, plan it, and go do it. It will most certainly affect your business in a positive way.

4. Watch the video

BusinessAdventures inL.A.nummer2

In my first Business VLOG (2:23) I explain my adventures on my trip in L.A

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