1. Provide Quality Content

Be proactive with the content you provide and make sure that it is of high quality. You are the expert at what you do so take the time to present your content in a simple manner for people to easily learn from. It is up to you to decide in what form to engage with your audience. It could be through columns, blogs, video messages, interviews on video or audio, re-posting of relevant posts of other content creators.

2. Use Social Media to Create Brand Awareness

Create consistency in your social media presence. If people see that you post regularly, your brand gets a place in their mind. Social media is one of the most effective way to engage with your audience and get brand awareness. Why? Because people willingly spend a lot of time on social media, scrolling, liking, commenting. Nobody is asking them to do it, they WANT to do it. Me included :). Even if you are a person who is not as active on social media, it is still highly likely that your potential customers are! So don’t miss the opportunity and if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on social media you can schedule your posts by making use of tools such as Hootsuite.

3. Be Open to Different Types of Social Media

Depending on your target market you can choose to focus on different types of social media. In the beginning I chose to focus on Linkedin as the services of my companies are mainly business2business related. More recently, I also started using platforms such as Facebook and Instagram who fit better with a business2consumers model. However, many businesses are off course led by individual people so it doesn’t hurt to create awareness on those platform as well.

4. Keep a Schedule

Getting organised and figuring out a social media content schedule is imperative to your social media success. By using a schedule that works for your business you can create consistency and monitor the reactions. People have all the power to say whatever they want about your company and brand. Regardless of how or why they give you feedback, not monitoring your social media audience is a missed opportunity.

5. Use Social Media Advertisement

Using social media advertising to expand your social media reach is an opportunity that any business should take. Investing in social media ads should be an integral part of your social media strategy. However, knowing how to use social media ads effectively is something everyone should take the time to learn before investing a hefty budget into advertising Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin. You need to work out with your business model how to make a multiple out of every euro or dollar when investing.

You can also watch my 2-minute business vlog about boosting your brand with social media