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Renewing yourself as an entrepreneur… how?

Many times when I talk to people at a networking event (or just anywhere actually) they say they want to do new things or they have ideas that are different from what they are currently doing. Unfortunately they keep talking themselves out of them, while it could spark new energy and opportunity! Renewing yourself is […]

How To Promote Yourself In A Joyful Way

As an entrepreneur you are constantly promoting your company and even yourself through your website and social media. But how do you manage this in a way that is not costing you too much energy and making it natural to use your personal brand as a vehicle for your business success? 1 Be intentional What […]

How To Start Writing A Book

I recently wrote a book in Dutch, called Joyful entrepreneurship (By the way I am also looking forward to create the English version :). During the process of writing my book I asked on social media if people had questions about the process of writing a book and I received some on Facebook. I chose the question asked by Jocianne […]

How To Deal with a Radio Interview

Doing a radio interview is still a great way to get your message out there, deliver value and showcase your expertise. How do you deal with a radio interview as an entrepreneur? Hereby 5 steps I used as I recently did a radio interview for New Business Radio in Holland. You can listen to the interview […]

Public Speaking Masterclass & Online video tips

It has been a while since I last posted a blog. Life sometimes throws curveballs, so the last couple of months I had some personal challenges to overcome! However now I’m back with some newly found inspiration which can hopefully inspire you in your business.   Sometimes business can be overwhelming, but opportunities are everywhere. Changes […]

Work-vacation: a concept to think about

May 2017 be a year that brings you JOY!   For most people the winter-break is over. Back to work. I want to challenge you to look at the concept of ‘working’ a little differently. At the moment I am in San Diego, California on a ‘workvacation’ writing my first book. I love to read, so being able to write […]

A sparkling pitch during the holidays

Holidays are coming! Time for drinks at work and dinners with family and friends. You are at a gathering and there is a cozy atmosphere, good food and nice music. You get into a conversation, and yes there is the question: “How is it going at work?,” or “What are you doing now?” You can […]

5 Business Tips from Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is a world renown TV host and business woman. For my online show Behind The Mind I have interviewed her life partner Stedman Graham. Oprah is a role model for many people not only because of her 25 years of success as the number 1 watched TV show, but also because of her […]

How to Be Successful At Networking

In recent years I have attended many trainings and seminars all over the world. I think personal development is one of the most important things you can do to live a happy and fulfilled life and create your own success. A few years ago I attended a number of courses of International trainer and corporate […]

How To Find Your Purpose in Business and Life

I just read an article on about how to determine your life’s purpose. The way it is described is really spot on and inspiring so I also made a video about it which you can watch below (4:44)

5 Business Tips from Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the founder of Tesla Motors, SolarCity and SpaceX. At the age of 17 he moved from South Africa to Canada and then to the United States to persue his technical and entrepreneurial dreams. He shares some very practical and down to earth tips for entrepreneurs so I selected 5 business tips and made […]

Being Spontaneous in Networking

Networking is about being human. I was attending a networking event recently (as I often do ;)) and the host of the event, a friend of mine Jonathan, told us a story. It was about him walking on a rainy day near central station in Amsterdam and he saw a man who was walking in […]

Use Social Media to Boost Your Brand

1. Provide Quality Content Be proactive with the content you provide and make sure that it is of high quality. You are the expert at what you do so take the time to present your content in a simple manner for people to easily learn from. It is up to you to decide in what form […]

3 Powerful Ways to be Confident While Speaking in Public

Some people speak in public and come across with a lot of confidence and flair. How do they do that? Well, there is a science to it. Hereby 3 tips to be on stage with confidence and flair! 1. Don’t speak right away Many people start talking right away and mostly it’s because of nerves. […]

How to make an amazing first impression Vlog#4

7 tips to make an amazing first impression. Watch the first 4 tips in my video below: 1. Do Your Homework Learn about the individual or company you are meeting. It only takes about half an hour to really research the company website and go to various social media accounts of the person you are meeting. Remember, in […]

What keeps you going to achieve your goals? Vlog#3

3 principles I use to reach my goals. Watch the 2-minute video below: 1. Focus Bringing focus in your life is important to hit the target you set for yourself. Being a skilled professional in what you do, you easily can put on different hats. However, therein lies also the pitfall. Bringing focus in not only […]

Work… or take a hike?

In this post some inspiration for your business. You can watch the 2-minute video online: 1. Take a moment Take some time out of your week, could be 2 hours on a sunday to go do that which gives you inspiration. It can be a hobby but it can also be an activity which you normally don’t […]

How to Change Habits

1. How you do anything… Author and Speaker T. Harv Eker always says, “How you do anything is How you do everything”. And I totally agree and see the results in my own life. The activities you do outside of your business will give you inspiration for the activities you do inside your business. 2. What habits give you positive energy? What […]

Business adventures in L.A. Vlog#1

As an entrepreneur it is important to take time for reflection and to engage in activities that nourish your spirit. Activities that give you inspiration for your daily business. I always say it is my mission to inspire people to live their fullest potential. But of course I have to live that mission myself as well. […]

Build your Personal Brand in 5 steps

Building a personal brand is not a priority for every business owner. But in the end it is something we all do on a daily basis, whether it is consciously or unconsciously. Do you have social media accounts? Do you have several business meetings you go to? Do you regularly have to give a presentation? […]

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