Many times when I talk to people at a networking event (or just anywhere actually) they say they want to do new things or they have ideas that are different from what they are currently doing. Unfortunately they keep talking themselves out of them, while it could spark new energy and opportunity!

Renewing yourself is important to discover your boundaries, but also to find out what really works for you. I have spend the last couple of weeks in LA. It is new and adventurous and therefore forces me to really take a look at my skillset, my values and aligning with the person I really am. Change is inevitable especially as an entrepreneur.

So I decided to share a little bit more of my personal life, with my latest series called my week in Snaps which you can view on YouTube.

For those of you following me on Instagram and Snapchat, you already see more of my lifestyle as a joyful entrepreneur. Inspiration is contagious so I thought, why not share it on YouTube!

And that’s what change is about. Being more of who you really are and not merely holding on to ‘titles’ and ‘boundaries’. I invite you to challenge yourself as well:

* How can you express more of you?

* How can you combine your passion with your daily work?

* How can you find more energy by exploring new avenues?

* What new thing can you ‘try’ just because it’s fun, and maybe in the long run also has the potential to help your business?

Life is meant to be lived and as an entrepreneur you have the freedom to live out your vision daily while being of service to others. That’s a blessing.

To your inspiration!

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