It has been a while since I last posted a blog. Life sometimes throws curveballs, so the last couple of months I had some personal challenges to overcome!
However now I’m back with some newly found inspiration which can hopefully inspire you in your business.


Sometimes business can be overwhelming, but opportunities are everywhere. Changes occur faster in this digital day and age. We have to stay current and relevant and there are many things happening online. How do you stay focussed but also use the opportunities everywhere. One of those opportunities is making use of online video’s to promote your business.

(I also have a masterclass about online video coming up, it is in Dutch)


What is the difference between a vlog and posting a video?

I have been asked a lot of questions about making video’s as I have been vlogging for a while now. As there are many people who are a little overwhelmed by all the changes that occor in this digital age, some terminology needs some explanation. For some it might seem obvious, for others not! And that’s OK.


Questions like: what is the difference between posting  a video or making a Vlog? Well, posting a video is just putting a video online. Vlogging is making a sequence of films in which you take your audience on a journey: You explain something to them or you show them around in your company. You can make a vlog (video log) by filming yourself with your smartphone or professional camera or filming the surrounding area. The video I made for this blog article you’re reading now is an example of a vlog.


Practice, Practice, Practice
My tip: make sure that you practice:
  1. How does it feel for you to be in front of the camera?
  2. Do you enjoy the process?
  3. Do you feel that you have something worthwhile to share with your audience?
Don’t be too attached to the result, off course you want it to look good and that your audience will enjoy it, but most importantly do it because it is fun!
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