I recently wrote a book in Dutch, called Joyful entrepreneurship (By the way I am also looking forward to create the English version :). During the process of writing my book I asked on social media if people had questions about the process of writing a book and I received some on Facebook. I chose the question asked by Jocianne Alves, who stated in the comment section that she wanted to know how to start writing a book.

You can also watch my vlog (below) in which I give more context about How To Start Writing A Book.

1. Write in an environment that inspires you

I started first by writing in an environment that inspired me. In my case I was on a work vacation in Los Angeles and when I went back to Holland my business mentor said to me that I looked very Joyful. That was true, I spend a lot of time there doing what I loved and being creative by singing, dancing and hiking in the beautiful hills. Because I was relaxed and inspired by my experience in L.A., I really had the energy to take on the project of writing a book. My business mentor also suggested the title to me: Joyful Entrepreneurship. So when I went back to California that same year I spend a lot of time writing in nature, which made the writing process joyful as well.

2. Start to write when you feel the need to share your message

I have a been an entrepreneur for over a decade now. And entrepreneurship has always intrigued me. I strongly believe we can solve complex societal problems with an entrepreneurial mindset. I like to call myself a multi passionate entrepreneur, I owned multiple types of business and have personally coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and spoke in front of thousands on stage. Before writing this book I made sure I had a track record and that my story was relevant.

3. Designate specific time for writing

In the beginning, I just wrote anytime I felt the inspiration to do so. But after a few weeks I made an agreement with myself to write at least two days a week. When I got my book publishing deal I started to write at least 2 hours each day, I wrote next to my other business activities, but still wanted to get into the habit of writing. Later on in the process I made a commitment to write at least 2000 words per day for 5 days a week. When I got to the end of my deadline to deliver my final version, I put in 8-10 hours a day for a couple of weeks to finish the book and insert all the comments I got from my book coach.

4. Don’t judge your work when you are in the creative mode

At first I started writing down what came to mind: memories from my early childhood, things that inspired me. Although I knew I wanted to write a book about entrepreneurship, I still let my inspiration flow and just wrote down anything that made me feel good. Don’t be judgemental about what you write down. One thought can lead to another and it doesn’t have to be perfect at this point. When you’ve put all your thoughts on paper, later on you can create more structure in your manuscript.

5. Have a vision of what you want to write about

I started a little bit the other way around, as I already was fixed on what book title I wanted to use for the book: Joyful entrepreneurship. I later on heard that most writers do it the other way around. But knowing my title in advance gave me a clarity and a framework to build upon. I also was clear about who my audience would be: the next generation of entrepreneurs. My own entrepreneurial story started at age 19 with my Hiphop dance school which I set up during my medical biology studies. So I figured that my personal story would resonate well with the young generation, even though the book is suited for entrepreneurs in all stages. Next to personal anekdote’s, I used content from entrepreneurs which I had interviewed for my online show Behind The Mind, to make it a real guide to Joyful entrepreneurship.

Every Journey is different and writing a book is a beautiful process. Just go for it, and start putting your thoughts on paper!