As an entrepreneur you are constantly promoting your company and even yourself through your website and social media. But how do you manage this in a way that is not costing you too much energy and making it natural to use your personal brand as a vehicle for your business success?

1 Be intentional

What is your intention, what do you really want to say? Think about how you help your (potential) customers when you post a message, photo or video online. Will you give them peace of mind or inspiration? Or that extra push to achieve their goals, feel more confident or free? If your brand promise is consistent across all media you will have more interaction with your followers.

2 Consistent messaging

In the same way that you are consistent in the content of your messaging, it is equally important to post frequently. It helps to set targets. However, in my experience sometimes it’s quite difficult as I also want to be inspired in the moment to post a message, photo or video. The solution is to schedule a part of my posts upfront, by using a program called Scribble which helps you strategize and plan your content. This program is very handy when you work with a team of contentdevelopers as you can approve content, created by your team members, before it is published. In this way you can also keep the focus on consistency in your brand promise.

3 Make it visually appealing

Images and video’s are used in almost every social media post you see nowadays. On Twitter more and more images are being posted combined with the 140 characters, and on Instagram which originally was based on photo’s you see a rise in video content being shared. Especially video’s are ways to create more interaction and share your message in a shorter timeperiod. Vlogging is part of my content strategy by uploading video’s regularly on YouTube, I’m experimenting as well with my Instagram and Facebook to use more videocontent to create even more engagement. To make your posts visually appealing in terms of imagery use professional photo’s or stockphoto’s. I sometimes use a website called Pixabay and to edit my imagery a free tool Canva. Regarding video, you can do a lot through filming with smartphone if you know how to edit well and use good lighting. Although you can also consider hiring a professional videoteam.

I wish you a lot of joy in promoting your business and/or personal brand.

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