Doing a radio interview is still a great way to get your message out there, deliver value and showcase your expertise. How do you deal with a radio interview as an entrepreneur? Hereby 5 steps I used as I recently did a radio interview for New Business Radio in Holland. You can listen to the interview here (in Dutch). I also made a vlog about this (in English). You can watch it here!

1. Do your research and be prepared

What kind of radio show is it? Make sure to research the channel if you haven’t heard of it before. Also look in on the DJ or radio personality who will be interviewing you. Being on the radio is not only a marketing opportunity but also a networking opportunity. There can be more projects in the future which could be worth showcasing. And there is a possibility that you will be asked back to the show multiple times if you are an expert on a certain topic.


2. Use storytelling to showcase your expertise

When a questions is asked, make sure to use storytelling to illustrate the points you make. Make it graphic for the listeners so you can take them on a journey. They cannot see your body language and only hear your intonation and the words you speak. So don’t rush through your points. Be elaborate.


3. Refer to your website or current projects and give value

In most cases at the end of the section you can give some information about where people can find more about you or the topic you were invited for. But in some situations this may not be possible as you may be in a radio program with several other experts at the same time. The art is to incorporate your current projects as part of your answer. It is definitely an art, and may not always be possible. Be careful it does not become too much of a salespitch! As long as you give a lot of value, your ideas, products or services will sell themselves.


4. Promote your interview on social media

When you are invited for a radio interview, free space on your smartphone so you can record a video. Bring a little standard along with you for your smartphone and record the interview. Later on, you can use that video, or  small snippets of that video, to share on social media. Most radio show also put a version of the total interview online so people can listen later. When you post a small video snippet of your radio interview on social media and add a link to the actual radio show, people are more eager to listen to the whole show. It will act like a small teaser.


5. Be yourself and have fun

Being on the radio is really about having a conversation people are listening in on. It should be fun! Off course it depends on the subject. If it is a serious topic, however, keep the energy light and stay balanced in your answers. You are the one being asked the questions, but you have the power to lead with your answers.

Good luck!


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