1. How you do anything…

Author and Speaker T. Harv Eker always says, “How you do anything is How you do everything”. And I totally agree and see the results in my own life. The activities you do outside of your business will give you inspiration for the activities you do inside your business.

2. What habits give you positive energy?

What do you do each day, week or maybe each month to get yourself energised? In business you engage in multiple activities, from sales, to negotiating, to managing your team and your projects. Switching hats is a daily task and therefore costs a lot of brain- and willpower. Getting yourself into a habit that gives you positive energy also strengthens other business habits. For example. If you wanted to go swimming for a long time and now you finally commit yourself to doing that every week, this creates a positive linkage that you can also be consistent in for example managing your finances consistently.

3. Train yourself bit by bit

We often know exactly what to do to create more positive habits which will also have a positive effect on our business. The problem is that we often don’t DO that which we know. Start with small steps in your daily e-mail management for example. Pick a set of times in a day (could be 2, 3 or 4) times that you check your e-mail or social media. And stick to the frequency you have set for yourself. You can even work with a timer on your phone that reminds you to look. So without timer no looking! Take these small steps to maximise your potential so that you can excel in the area’s which are at the core of your business.

4. Handy tool for TO-DO list management

I recently started working with the app Swipes. This really helps to get your to-do list in order in an easy way. If you’re done, you just swipe your task away. If you need more time, you can schedule it to finish on a later date. I have added the link if you click on the logo below and hope it will make your busy life a lot easier!