The Joyful Entrepreneur is about finding fulfillment through the ups- and downs of entrepreneurship.

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As entrepreneurs, we need to hustle, get more sources of income in the beginning. You need to be creative to make it work. Sentini Grunberg started entrepreneurship at an early age. She loves to teach, support and help others. In her book “joyful ondernemen” in English “Joyful entrepreneur” she shares her philosophy of how to be a much happier entrepreneur. I loved talking to you lady. Your definately an inspiration for me.

Thank you for sharing all these amazing tips. And good luck in Hollywood :)

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The Joyful Entrepreneur

Many young people dream about entrepreneurship. My entrepreneurial journey started when I was only 19 years old. I started out with my own dance studio, which I ran next to my medical biology study at the university. After my dance studio I started many endeavors and I noticed that a lot of young people don't know how to get started. And that it is possible for anyone no matter your background or age to start a business. This is the reason I published my first book called Joyful Ondernemen. The word ‘ondernemen’ is Dutch for ‘entrepreneurship’.

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I believe the message of being a Joyful Entrepreneur should be spread worldwide. With the translation of this book to English it's my mission to inspire and provide tools to the next generation of entrepreneurs in English speaking countries such as the US, the UK and many African and Caribbean countries.

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There is one giant accelerator for my success as an entrepreneur and that is networking. Now more than ever it is essential to network, especially on an international scale. It doesn’t matter if your product, service or job is currently within one location. Industries can change overnight so be ready and stay open for new opportunities. I always say: ‘Relationships are the lifeblood of any successful person.’ With only 15 minutes of reading you will have brief guide for business networking.