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"Tell me and I will forget" - "Show me and I may remember" - "Involve me and I will understand"
- Confucius -
Sentini’s mission is inspiring millions of people all over the world to live their fullest potential and helping people connect better with themselves and therefore with each other.

The discovery

I discovered my passion for performing on stage at the age of 5. I always wanted to dance, sing and connect with people. During my time in high school my childhood dreams finally came true and I performed as a cheerleader and Hiphop dancer with international acts such as the Harlem Globetrotters and dancehall artist Sean Paul. When I was 19 I became an entrepreneur by starting my own Hiphop dance school.


At the age of 21 I sold my dance school and started my second company InMovement next to my biomedical science bachelor and my master of science in management and entrepreneurship in health and life sciences.

Track Record

At age 23 I was doing assignments for the top 500 companies in the Netherlands such as Accenture, Cisco and Delta Lloyd. People started asking me how I got those corporates as clients and I just answered that I went to networking events a lot and did some cold calling. I soon discovered this was not the default mode of every professional or entrepreneur. That’s when I started to give seminars about networking, sales and public speaking.


Over the last 15 years I have extensively performed on stages for hundreds and thousands of people. I always had a love for the stage, but did not know how to structure my talks in the best way. Speaking in stead of dancing was another ballgame! I really had some downs in the beginning, let’s call them learning experiences! That’s when I knew I had to get some help.

Pulic speaking

As I consider myself someone who strives for excellence and maximizing my potential I wanted to get trained by the best in the world. So I enrolled in many coaching and training programs, read books and applied what I learned. I invested in myself to participate in personal development and public speaking seminars from Tony Robbins and Blair Singer to name a few.

Following my passion

People sometimes ask me how I got so entrepreneurial at a relatively young age. At home my parents had an entrepreneurial mindset and looking for ways to maximize their potential. They had jobs for a long time, but started transitioning into self-employment by the time I was a teenager. Magazine’s and books about entrepreneurship were laying around on the table, and as curious as I am, I read all the stories. It inspired me to read that people from all walks of life were creating something out of nothing and followed their passion.

My Roots

I come from an immigrants family. My grandparents and my parents were born in Surinam, a former colony of the Netherlands. During the independence of Surinam in 1975 al lot of people moved to the Netherlands so that explains why I was born and raised in Amsterdam.


Now I travel the world, host networking events and interview successful entrepreneurs. It’s my mission to inspire millions of people all over the world to live their fullest potential and in the process helping people connect better with themselves and therefore with each other.


Sentini Grunberg MSc. also know as the Network Queen is a public speaker, host and entrepre-neur. She is co-author of the books Entrepreneurship in Context and Freelance Yearbook and am-bassador for the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship. Sentini speaks about networking, sales and public speaking so that entrepreneurs can improve their interpersonal skills, increase their customer portfolio and maximize the success of their business.

Her expertise and energetic personality make her an entertaining presenter and inspirational speaker. Prior to your event or lecture she will engage in a briefing about your exact needs and provide creative suggestions so you can get the most out of your event.

When Sentini is on stage, you better believe it becomes very interactive. It really is 'learning while doing'. Your audience will be working on getting new skills that they can immediately apply as a professional or entrepreneur. For example, in the form of speed networking exercises to gain new contacts and manage existing relationships.

She is also frequently hired as a speaker and moderator at corporate events, and has even hosted an event for the Dutch Queen Máxima and interviewed successful entrepreneurs such as life Stedman Graham.

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Rabobank Vaart Vechtstreek

Anje Antuma & Joyce Overkamp - Account managers

"We have experienced the workshop of Sentini Grunberg as educational, active and above all inspiring! During the evening it became clear that Sentini carefully listened to our needs and questions which resulted in a successful and energetic evening. Besides the training fit very well with the goals of our women's network Inspiration4Women: Get Connected! The results were immediately visible as the women in the room actively got there agenda’s out to make appointments with each other right away. Thank you for this successful networking evening.”

Elsevier Women's Network

Lisette van Kessel - Lead Amsterdam

We received only positive feedback for the workshop of Sentini Grunberg about successful networking for our internal network. Participants found Sentini very 'entertaining', one of her strengths, so she does that well! She gave good tips, and recalled the names of all the questioners. Fantastic! 'She practices what she preaches "as we would say” here

KPN IT Solutions

Jasper R. M. Rijnders - Director Marketing and Sales

"At the end of the day Sentini managed to get the remaining audience with a casual attitude and open mind into a swinging workshop! Really respect."