Holidays are coming! Time for drinks at work and dinners with family and friends. You are at a gathering and there is a cozy atmosphere, good food and nice music. You get into a conversation, and yes there is the question: “How is it going at work?,” or “What are you doing now?” You can give a very cliché answer by just stating what you do: “I have an event agency, I’m an accountant or I work at a construction company etc.” And then you go on to talk about the ‘fun’ things. But wouldn’t it be better to not dodge the question but take the time to tell about your occupation in a short and inspiring way? You are being asked about it anyway. And you never know what business opportunity may come out of it. So make sure you have your network pitch ready. Your pitch is like a movie trailer. It’s a story that will give the other a short glimpse into your world. I have used my own pitch as an example to explain the five steps for a sparkling network pitch:

1. What is your experience: “As you know I have been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and like to help other entrepreneurs with their journey.”

2. What is your passion / what fuels you?: “It gives me a lot of energy to inspire people and bring them together.”

3. What is your product, service or function? “I do this by organizing events for entrepreneurs and helping businesses become more visible with online content marketing.”

4. What is your added value? “Companies are found more easily online by their potential customers and with the events they can showcase their expertise.”

5. Ask a question transition to find out what the other person thinks: “What is your experience with attending business events? Or is there some inspiring content you came across online?

Tell your story with a laugh, inspiration and passion. It may be short and concise, but do not sell yourself short. The key in this pitch is the transition question. By asking an opinion you can gather information and is a great ‘transition’ from your pitch to new topics of conversation. I also created a video for you in which I explain the network pitch. You can watch it here:


Have fun and enjoy the holidays!

Sentini Grunberg


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