Oprah Winfrey is a world renown TV host and business woman. For my online show Behind The Mind I have interviewed her life partner Stedman Graham. Oprah is a role model for many people not only because of her 25 years of success as the number 1 watched TV show, but also because of her mindset and business instinct that have got her to set up her own television network called OWN, which stands for Oprah Winfrey Network.

Hereby 5 Business Tips from Oprah Winfrey.

Tip 1. Listen to your instinct

From the very beginning Oprah listened to her instinct. She made all of her best decisions in life because she was very aware of what would be the next right step to take. Oprah believed in herself to take new steps such as moving to other cities for her career even though many people said she would fail.

Tip 2. Your intention determines your results

Once Oprah had figured out that the intention with which you do something determines your outcome, she changed everything she did on the Oprah Winfrey show. She got together with her producers and decided that they would only do intentional television. From that point on everyday before the show they had a meeting wherein everyone stated what their intention was for that specific show.

Tip 3. Don’t pay too much attention to competition

Step up your game. Don’t worry about your competition. Because you cannot control the competition. You only have control over yourself. Business is like running a race. It takes energy away from you if you look back to see where the other guy is. So don’t waste your time looking back to often.

Tip 4. Know what you don’t want

Oprah discovered that knowing what she did not want, has led her to knowing what she did want. She started her career as a news reporter and wasn’t very comfortable at doing that job. However, it eventually led her to having her own talkshow which definitely was what she loved to do.

Tip 5. Become what you believe

You can only become what you believe if it comes from your heart. It will not work if it comes from your ego or is formed by other peoples expectations of you. Many people think they would have to come up with big ideas but for some it is very practical. For example the entrepreneur Sarah Blakely of the company Spanx who came up with the idea of cutting the bottoms of pantyhose. In this way women could wear sandals and still have the correctional effect of a panty under their pants or skirt because this gave their legs and behind a smoother look. This practical idea has grown into a billion dollar company and was partly inspired by Oprah addressing her own ‘pantyhose problem’ on the show.

Do you want to hear the business tips from Oprah herself? Watch the video compilation I’ve made for you: