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Welcome! My name is Sentini Grunberg, also known as the Network Queen. It is my mission to inspire entrepreneurs to live their fullest potential. I do that through public speaking, hosting shows and organising networking events together with my team.

"Relationships are the lifeblood of any successful entrepreneur”

I believe that you need to constantly develop your interpersonal skills to be successful as an entrepreneur. No matter what business you are in we are all in the peoples business. Therefore networking, sales and public speaking skills are essential to maximize your potential as an entrepreneur.

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Leave a lasting impression on any network event

I use accelerated learning techniques in my training because networking is a skill you can excel in through taking action. At the end of this training you will know how to immediately break the ice, ask the right questions and network with highly successful people. Also you will learn how to follow up on your new network, staying engaged with your existing one and getting and giving business leads.


Increase your sales effectively

As an entrepreneur and professional you are responsible for your results. In sales boost you will get a structured tool to measure your own sales activity and that of your team and my own proven format to conduct an effective sales call, sales appointment and closing of a deal. Off course we will take immediate action by doing cold and warm calling on the spot, approaching potential clients through social media and e-mailing prospects.


Make people want to hear you speak

Speaking in front of a crowd is an essential skill for an entrepreneur because one way or another you have to present for employees, customers, investors or business partners. I will give you the public speaking tools I applied in over 15 years of experience on stage and which I currently use to create interaction from the start, raise the energy in the room and make people sit on the tip of their chairs.

*My trainings are done on request and vary in length from a couple of hours to multiple days or weeks based on your budget and preference. Send an E-mail if you have a request.


SSentini Grunberg Timeline

  • 2015 • Interviewing Stedman Graham

    Interviewing Stedman Graham for my Youtube show Behind The Mind

  • 2015 • FOTY Awards

    Hosting the FOTY Awards with the Dutch Prime minister as a special guest

  • 2014 • Hosting network event with Queen Máxima

    I had the honour to host a career networking event for the Dutch Queen Máxima

  • 2013 • Entrepreneurship project Zaai

    Founded and scaled networking and sales coaching programs for start-ups in various municipalities

  • 2010 • Master of science degree

    Attained my master of science degree in management and entrepreneurship in health and life sci-ences at VU University Amsterdam

  • 2008 • Winner Summerschool Entrepreneurship

    I won an award at the VU University summerschool entrepreneurship with my business plan for InMovement

  • 2008 • Medical Biology degree

    Graduated as a bachelor of science in medical biology at VU University Amsterdam

  • 2008 • Founder InMovement

    Founder of InMovement a corporate wellness company organising vitality programs for top 500 national and international firms in the Netherlands

  • 2006 • Hiphop dance school

    At age 19 I started my own Hiphop dance school and sold it two years later

  • 2005 • Graduation

    Graduated from pre-university education

  • 2001 • Cheerleader Harlem Globetrotters

    Got to live my passion for dancing as a cheerleader and professional Hiphop dancer for acts like Sean Paul and the Harlem Globetrotters

  • 1987 • Born in Amsterdam

    My parents are from Surinam and I grew up in Amsterdam The Netherlands

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